Unit 2 Blog Post
Shayla Atkinson

Hi Shayla! You are the first person to deem both experiments unethical, but worth the risk. Your justification makes sense though- we are able to look at those results and apply them to how we deal with problems in the future. I would be curious to know if knowing the length of the Zimbardo experiment made the ‘prisoners’ and ‘guards’ quicker to conform to their roles, because they had the expectation of so much more time than the experiment actually lasted. I wonder if the participants would have been as distressed if they would not have known they had to live like that for 2 weeks. Of course, failing to disclose that information would have been unethical as well. At the time, the ASA Code of Ethics did not have the same standards; so I suppose legally, both Milgram and Zimbardo were in the clear.

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