I’ll preface by saying I have 5 sponsor kids from the poorest countries in the world and their…
Linda Caroll

While I agree with your projected outcome…the world would be a better place if everyone who ‘could’ ‘did’…I think there’s a fundamental flaw in your logic.

An individual’s decision to support someone in need has no relation whatsoever to their financial ability to do so. None. Zippo. Nada.

An individuals decision to support another is a personal decision made for personal reasons. The flaw in the non-profit world is that they do a terrible job of marketing the benefits of philanthropy.

It’s a marketing problem. Market supporting others as the most selfish thing you can do…because it fills a void, because it feels good, because it gives your life meaning, because it will make people see you differently…these are packaging ideas not often used by orgs looking for support.

Persistent descriptions of the considerable need in the world have become commonplace and over exposed.

Sell the gratification of giving to others…it’s the strongest motivator, especially for those who’ve never given back.

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