Thank Yourself Happy!

A heart of thankfulness comes from our ability to focus on the worth of God, self, others and things. Anything you value you give thanks or express appreciation for!

When one dwells in the space of thankfulness we stand to receive tremendous benefits: it eliminates selfishness, complaining, covetousness, and comparative living. It also produces attitudes of greater happiness, generates better mental and physical health, improves interpersonal relationships, creates personal fulfillment, attracts better experiences, influences miraculous results, provokes greater generosity and inner peace, and helps to increase the value of self and others.

Thankfulness is the expression of love and the foundation of all true praises and worship and it is the impetus for sharing testimonies to glorify God and build up others.

If circumstances in your life are less than desirable, thank your way by faith until your desires come true.

For the next seven days I would like to offer you the passport to take the journey to the wonderful place of thankfulness. To make this journey successful I will ask you to do these three things:

Think back on kindnesses shown to you by someone that leaves you owing a debt of gratitude. When you remember these individuals (parents, friend, employer, etc.) give them a call or send an email to say “thank you”

Plan to give a sacrificial thanksgiving financial offering to the Lord for His mighty and incalculable goodness toward you and finally

Send a short “I’m thankful for…” testimony to or tweet us @apcministries your testimony with the hashtag #imthankful

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