In the lieu of hard work

It absolutely irks me when I work so hard, put in all the time, spend all the resources in improving my craft, and yet, there is someone out there who worked effortlessly, put in less time, and has very little access to resources is doing better and producing better things than I do — twice, or if not, 10 times as better.

Sometimes I wonder if any of my hard work is smart work. Was I focused the whole time I am learning? Did I use the right tools? Did I seek guidance? Was the guidance that I received correct? Am I actually doing the correct way of approaching my craft? Did I take shortcuts? Or did I not take shortcuts? What did I do wrong?!

F U C K. That’s right, I don’t have too much talent.

I feel completely inadequate, unrefined, untalented, and frustrated.

It’s quite disappointing when sometimes obtaining raw talent is simply much more efficient than absolute hard work.

I always praised hard work, but sometimes, when it comes to delivering outputs as a result, raw talent makes a huge impact, while talent acquired from brute force hard work only makes a little difference.

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