Worth of a Waste Day!!

7:00 AM: I wake up daily with several conflicting thoughts — why do I need to wake up so early, is my job really that important to me, why can’t every day be Sunday, why does sun rises so soon, wanted to run away to secret holiday destination where I could sleep for 24 hrs at a stretch and so on. Luckily, today is Sunday and unluckily, I woke up early. Reading newspaper with husband, sipping hot coffee, discussing plan for the day.

8:30 AM: By now I have decided that today I am going to be brand ambassador of “Clean India, Green India” mission and will clean all long awaited mess ups, especially that white cupboard on first floor. From the day I have seen it, it has drawn my attention every time. I open it, give it a glance and close it. It is full of books, diaries, random papers, old calendars and what not. I knew if I start arranging them I am going to waste my entire day, but someday has to be that day.

11:00 AM: I open the biggest cupboard in the house; regretting my own decision to clean it, I started my mission. Why do people keep collecting old magazines? Why this big old book on Ayurvedic Remedies has not been opened from last 4 years? What are these competitive exam books doing in a house where nobody touches them? And to my surprise we have Sanjeev Kapoor’s recipe book as well. I am so amazed with the variety of things I am getting here. And the only thought now coming to my mind is to get rid of all this and make space for something useful.

3:00 PM: By now I am done with sorting out all things in there. And now I am left with some really amazing books, 43 new dairies, more than 80 ball pens and a few pen stands. Puzzled with what to do with them, I decided to donate them to a nearby orphanage. Breathing a sigh of relief, I gave my example of how to waste a day to the “Man of The House”.

7:00 PM: Reached orphanage, children from age of 4 to 14 were in the garden, playing that very old game of hide and seek. Saw an elderly man who was just watching them play peacefully. Mid aged lady chopping vegetables and shouting at some kids, seems like they have taken carrot from the basket without her permission. As we parked our car, children stopped playing and were looking at us with surprise and wonderful welcome smile. One small kid aged 4 or 5 came to me and said “Manager is not around, you can talk to me if something is important”. His one hand was trying to hold the bag I have full of goodies and another signaling his friends to come over. We decided to distribute all the stuff under the supervision of their manager as this can ensure equal distribution, but children were eager to know what is there in those 3 big bags that even they were not interested in talking to us. One boy, eldest of them, volunteered for the distribution. Once he opened the bags, all children started clapping. They started screaming in joy. Started negotiating for the best looking diary. Everyone wanted as many pens as they can have. Just few of them got pen stand, others got upset. They started discussing that where they will keep this new pen stand. Youngest one was more interested in knowing how many pens his friend got than him. Small girl very quietly took her stuff and came to thank us. I saw the epitome of happiness in them. Joy in their eyes cannot be replaced with anything in the world. Jumping with happiness they now wanted to know when we will come back to meet them.

While going back home, I and my husband did not speak a single word. We both were busy in absorbing the happiness we just received. Throughout the day I was regretting my decision of cleaning that white cupboard, considering my entire day “Waste”, now seems all worth it. The things which I was considering to throw has bought so much joy to others. They were incredibly happy to receive things which were not even touched by us from years. I didn’t know my simple effort will make someone’s day. Hope we all can find that one “Waste” day of our lives and bring joy to others.