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I’m intrigued by your explanation of your job at that nonprofit. I agree— social media is technology that we tend to see as fun, convenient, and casual, if not also a necessary way to keep in touch. However, once you realize exactly how necessary social media presence is for any business, this view of convenience (and fun) gets a little complicated. This aligns with some of the quotes/points you bring up about the need to constantly overcome the limits we establish via technology. I thought your experiences were a helpful example of this!

I also think your point about Google’s algorithm is interesting. This goes back to our discussion about the phrase “guns don’t kill people” in class: technology is not neutral, since moralized use comes out of the form of the technology. So, in thinking about Google, it may seem like a “neutral” search engine with the intent to simply provide information, but you’re right — it is absolutely not neutral because its form invites a certain use, one that favors English-speakers over others, exposing us only to the results that continue this cycle.

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