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A Year Ends a Pursuit Begins

As the year comes to an end its a natural instinct to look back in reflection and analyze all of the transgressions of the year passed. The new year new me people will be popping up soon and will undoubtedly be clogging your local gym in no time. They will also blame 2017 for their shortcomings and mistakes. They will also post shitty selfies with some inspirational quote from Abe Lincoln and promise to do better next year.

Well even honest Abe can see through the facade of the people who find temporary motivation and will tell you that these people will repeat this exact process 365 days from now. A change in your diet, health, habits or anything that is going to drastically affect your life needs to come from a deeper place. A place that is deeper than selfies and new years resolutions.

Are you sick of the way your significant other treats you? Speak up. Are you tired of your 9 to 5 robot job? Get a different job. A year ago I was finally fed up with my job i traded it for a better job with better pay benefits etc… I also found myself lacking an extracurricular activity a something that i could be apart of that wasn’t home life or work life. I was able to fill that void with two things. Jiu jitsu and podcasting.

APOBMedia —

Jiu jitsu is for my love of the fight game an infatuation and hobby since i was a kid. Podcasting was a new thing. A podcast was a foreign thing to me until I started listening and exploring the podcast world to see what it had to offer. Now that i’ve helped start a podcast i see it as my way out of my 9 to 5 robot job. The part of my life that i want to change. This isn’t my new years resolution. I will bust my ass to get this done. As well as work my 40+ hour a week job, jiu jitsu several times a week, as well as be a father and a husband to my family.

In the end the point is you want something you got to work for it. The juice has to be worth the squeeze so to speak. Go get em folks this is your opportunity to achieve greatness don’t make excuses create solutions. We all have the opportunity to be great the question is are you going to work hard and sacrifice or are you going to take selfies and quote some dead person?

-Emilio, Editor in Chief

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