Aperture x Propeller Heads: Our First 3rd Party Solver for Intents

Aperture Finance
2 min readFeb 16, 2024

Aperture is excited to partner with Propeller Heads our first 3rd party Solver for Liquidity Intents. Propeller Heads is a leading solver active on UniswapX, CoWSwap, and 1inch Fusion. We’ll leverage their best-in-class trade execution to reduce rebalancing costs for our LPs.

What are Solvers?

Part of Aperture’s Intent Based approach to DeFi is in the introduction of Solvers — which are pro user on-chain agents with sophisticated routing capabilities that compete to fulfill a user’s intent.

How does Propeller Heads complement our in-house Solver?

Propeller Heads aggregates liquidity from DEXes, market makers, and other intent platforms. Leveraging their performant algorithm, they find the best route to give users the best price at low gas costs.

How can this lead to better APR for LPs?

For LPs with large positions relative to overall on-chain liquidity or for LPs on long-tail pairs where liquidity on-chain is scarce the cost of rebalancing can result in severe price impact and slippage. With PH these LPs can now tap private and off-chain liquidity sources to extract better pricing and execution. The reduced price impact can have acute benefits for overall APR on existing strategies.

But PH can also enable LPs to run new strategies. By removing the on-chain rebalancing bottleneck users can now explore deeply concentrated positions with more capital knowing they can tap private / off-chain liquidity for the rebalance.

All of this leads to more yield for LPs and better liquidity for everyone else.



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