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Notebook is a new ongoing blogging series in which I talk about developing, music, cooking, apps and basically everything I write down in my paper notebook, day by day.


I stumbled upon Föllakzoid, which is a fantastic psychedelic rock band. Enjoy!

HyperTerm with pure prompt and hyper-snazzy theme

Github Repo

I recently installed pure, which is a very beautiful, minimal and fast zsh prompt. I really like the simple style and with the hyper-snazzy theme. I would really love the hyper-snazzy theme for sublime or vim, because the colours are fantastic.

New Hobby — Ham Radio

After watching a few very cool talks about ham radios from the ccc and defcon, I got pretty much psyched about it. So in the following weeks I will be learning for the license. It’s kind of interesting how different the licensing systems are. As far as I understand in there are 3 licenses in the US. Starting with more likely a “novice” license up to an advanced license. With each class you make, more frequencies get available to use. And you need to make all 3 in order. So you can’t start with the advanced one. However in the US it’s rather cheap. 15 $ per license and if you make all 3 in a row only 15 $ for all 3. And then you have to renew it every 10 years for free.

Well in Germany its way more expensive. We have here 2 license classes. class E for ‘Einsteiger’ or novice and class A for ‘advanced’. The E class costs about 80 $ and the A class about 110 $ . However you don’t need to make the E class first. You can start with the A class. The only difference is that the technical part is bigger and more in-depth. In addition you need a “callsign” which also costs about 70 €. And a frequency usage fee which is around 10 $ / year.

And you need to get some learning material. So my pocket will hate me, but most hobbies are expensive, right?

Let’s see how long it will take me, to get my license. I had some electronics in school, but it’s too long ago. But I have this semester physics and next one media technology which got a lot of electronics included, so I think I will benefit from it.

I fear those big words which make us so unhappy.

— “James Joyce”

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