Electron — A pain in the ass

Well a lot of people, (myself included) like desktop apps way more then browser tabs. You can alt + tab to the application and utilize shortcuts and global listeners for them.

However you compare two different things. The one thing is, writing a web application with electron and the other thing is, just wrapping a web application in electron.

Wrapping an application in an electron view isn’t always easy. And not clean at all. Thats why a lot of problems can happen.

On the other hand, writing an application from scratch in electron or at least porting it, is very different and always a better experience for the user and developer.

And its always a tradeoff. For example if you compare sublime and atom or vscode. I am a long time sublime user and still using it for most of my development. However for some projects, I switched to vscode (imo a bit faster then atom) which is also an electron app.

Yeah, sublime is lightning fast. And has a relatively small footprint. But extending sublime or writing own plugins for it, is a pain in the ass. VSCode eats up more ram. And is a bit slower. But extending it, is easier. Writing plugins is easier and some stuff just works better, like autocomplete and other things, that make it feel more like and IDE then a text editor.

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