WordPress, Vue and Chart.js


Custom Fields

Sample data. Published posts on medium and tumblr over the last 7 years

Make it vue

npm install vue-chartjs -D

Create a bar chart component

import { Bar } from ‘vue-chartjs’export default Bar.extend({
props: [“data”, “options”],
mounted () {
this.renderChart(this.data, this.options)
labels: ['X Axis Label 1', 'X Axis Label 2'],
datasets: [
label: 'Data One',
backgroundColor: '#f87979',
data: [40, 20, 12]
import { Bar } from 'vue-chartjs'export default Bar.extend({
props: ['labels', 'datasets'],
computed: {
'chartdata': function () {
return {
labels: this.labels,
datasets: this.datasets
mounted () {
{responsive: true, maintainAspectRatio: false})


<?php if(have_rows('datasets')): ?>
$datasets = [];
<?php while ( have_rows('datasets') ) : the_row();
$datasets[] = array(
'label' => get_sub_field('dataset_label'),
'backgroundColor' => get_sub_field('dataset_color'),
'data' => explode(', ', get_sub_field('dataset_data'))
$labels = get_field('x_axis');
$legend = get_field('legend');
$chartDatasets = htmlspecialchars(json_encode($datasets));
$chartLabels = htmlspecialchars(json_encode(explode(', ', $labels)));
?><section class="chart-box text">
<div class="text__wrapper">
:labels="<?= $chartLabels; ?>"
:datasets="<?= $chartDatasets; ?>" >
<?php endif; ?>




#Freelance Developer — #Blogger, #Student, #Tea addicted, likes #photography #indie #gamedev #webdev

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Jakub Juszczak

Jakub Juszczak

#Freelance Developer — #Blogger, #Student, #Tea addicted, likes #photography #indie #gamedev #webdev

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