3 Tips for Modern Medical Office and Dental Clinic Design

Modern medical office design is brimming with lots of unique and innovative design ideas that improve on the past. Much has changed since APEX Design Build first offered its services to the public. As such, modern medical office design practices should be taken advantage of, for your own benefit. The same goes for Modern Dental Clinic Design. The decisions you make during the design phase for your office or clinic make all the difference to your success. They have long-term benefits and consequences. Modern Medical Office Design means you can increase your patient and staff satisfaction. But it can also make dramatic changes to how productive, and profitable, your practice is. Today we offer three expert tips on how to make the most of modern medical office and dental clinic design.

Modern Medical Office Design

Consider Costs vs. Benefits

When thinking about major expenses for your medical office or dental clinic, it’s reasonable that you may wish to minimize your cash outlay and indebtedness. This may seem like a good idea, but it’s more important that you consider your long-term benefits. Not only will this allow you to make informed decisions, but it will also prevent you from falling under the spell of misleading economies. For example, some experts say that adjacent exam rooms should be identical in every way. Although, others suggest they should mirror each other. The latter reduces a lot of the construction costs involved, as you can have the plumbing for both rooms running through the same wall. Furthermore, mirrored exam rooms are very beneficial, enabling your staff to develop a reflexive and functional knowledge of the room. They can easily come to learn the location of equipment necessary for their work. This is essential for any medical office or dental clinic, allowing your staff to provide the best service for your patients.

Direction of Patient Traffic

Remember, the perfect layout for your medical office or dental clinic is not always feasible. Sometimes, compromises are necessary, but luckily for you, APEX always strives for perfection. We believe the best way to plan your office or clinic is a perfect circle, leading patients from the reception to the exam rooms and back to reception. By keeping traffic going in a single direction, this will create excellent flow in your workspace. It will also prevent patients from getting lost, causing traffic jams, and will increase productivity. There are also other less obvious benefits. Namely, that your doctors and dentists will save time by avoiding being drawn into conversations with patients as they leave. Doctors and dentists save time by minimizing superfluous interactions. This is also in patients’ best interests and allows doctors to dedicate their time to patient treatment.

Separate Entrances for Staff and Patients

We believe in making the most of the space you have, so that it is both functional, and looks great. By having separate entrances for staff, it allows your doctors and dentists to move seamlessly through the office as and when needed. Patients don’t want to see a physician arriving late. Using intelligent placement of walls and partitions, you can create open spaces, like your waiting room, plus semi-private and private spaces. You can make the most of your workspace in this way, creating “onstage” and “backstage” areas. Doing so will keep your patients assured of the efficiency and serenity of your medical office or dental clinic. At APEX Design Build, we are always on the lookout for ways to break the mold. Get in touch so we can do the same for your office or clinic.

Modern Dental Clinic Design