The Link Between Service and Design for Dental Offices

SOURCE: Apex Design Build

Construction can be tricky. Hiring the right architect, who knows the best engineer, who hires the most practical builder, who also considers your budget and timeframe is almost impossible. For most dentists looking to open their own practice, considering the air flow through the corridors or the weight limitations on desk built-ins are not even considered. And they shouldn’t be! As a dentist opening your own practice, your focus should be on what you do best — treating your patients. However, that’s not to say that your input to your own office design should be ignored.

At APEX Design Build, we offer a vast number of dental office design services, ranging from the layout of your waiting room to the custom-made stock cabinets in your offices. What separates our dental office design company apart from others is the link between constructing a well-functioning office that focuses on your services while also implementing a unique design. Being that we are a design-build service company, every person who will work on your project is under our management. This includes the architect who draws the blueprints, to the engineer who installs the electricity and plumbing, to the interior designer who coordinates color patterns throughout your office. We do all this, while also maintaining the highest level of professionalism, quality, and efficiency.

The Link

Too many times, dental office design services are advertised with false information. From misrepresenting all services offered, to greatly underestimating the budget needed, competitors fail to connect the ‘design’ with the ‘build.’ Dental offices are dynamic in nature and are composed of multiple variables. Your office requires an enjoyable waiting room, proper workspace for your staff, well-equipped hygiene rooms, and comfortable dental chairs. This is where we come in.

Beginning with your first consultation, we will assess what your practice needs, your own requirements, and what you want to see. Everything from your budget, to your timeframe, to the specific design theme is logged and considered. We begin each project with this goal mind — provide a design that offers efficiency in layout and service. Your dental office will not be any different.

Next, we consider what services you plan to offer to your patients and optimize the available space accordingly. Some dental offices may perform orthodontics and oral surgeries; whereas, other may only provide dental hygiene services. What services you plan to offer impact how large your waiting room must be, what equipment is needed in each patient consultation room, and how your staff will organize patient files. With this in mind, we outline the ideal dental office layout for you, working together with our in-house project managers, architects, and engineers.

Regarded as the premier dental office design company, we place you in the center at each stage of the project construction. At any moment, from the first hammer-to-nail to the grand opening, you are informed with updates and encouraged to provide feedback. We work with the mission of providing you with the ideal dental office design until the job is completed to the highest standard possible.