What Your Patients Expect from Your Medical Office

SOURCE: http://www.apexdesignbuild.net/

From comfortable seating options to cable television, patients have come to expect a certain standard of service and quality when visiting their doctor’s office. Why should your medical office be any different? Of course, each medical practitioner will specialize in different fields, such as dental, orthopedics, dermatology, or vascular. However, every medical office is upheld to the same expectations within a certain limit. Our company, APEX Design Build, is a medical office construction company that offers an innovative and customized approach to your office design. Whether you wish to construct a completely new medical practice or just want to refresh your waiting room, we offer a wide variety of medical office construction services. Before investing time, energy, and resources into redesigning your medical office, it is important to first consider what your mission is. Do you want to increase office productivity? Are you looking to enhance your customer experience? Or are you just wanting to update your equipment and technology? Understanding what you hope to achieve with your office redesign is the ground work for your project. The next thing to consider is what your patients will expect from your new office. To better help you plan your medical office redesign, here are a few key features that your patients will expect from your new practice.

  1. An open and welcoming entrance. Too often our design build team encounters medical offices that showcase a small, dimly-lit waiting room and receptionist desk. As the leading medical office construction company, we highly advise rethinking your office entrance first before other aspects of your practice layout. Once a patient enters your office, you have no more than 20 seconds to instill a warm, welcoming environment. This time is vital in ensuring a positive customer experience!
  2. Free and reliable WiFi. While this may not appear to be a “design” feature, offering your patients connectivity during their waiting time has become an expectation of the 21st century. If you run your practice in an older facility, it is important to assess the limitations and complexities with installing WiFi routers and hotspots throughout your office. For newer medical practices, ensure that there are little to no electronic interference with the internet connection from your equipment and technology.
  3. Personal work areas. This last design feature is the newest and most innovative one becoming offered in medical practices. Depending on the size and shape of your office, offering your patients a small, personal space to work while waiting for their appointments is an ideal way to separate your office design from others! You can begin by either creating a designated work desk or even installing personal “cubes”, perfect for keeping work private and their attention focused.

Wanting to redesign your medical office to stand out from the competition can be tricky. Knowing where to begin can be even worse. At APEX Design Build, we offer every medical office construction services. From your first consultation to the final product, our dedicated team of designers, architects, and engineers will design the perfect image for your medical office space!