What Your Pediatric Dentist Office Needs

SOURCE: http://www.apexdesignbuild.net/

Deciding upon the best dental clinic design takes up both time and energy, something not everyone has the luxury of in the industry. From maintaining high practice standards, enforcing strict hygiene requirements, and keeping your patients happy, there are many things that continuously consume your time and resources. However, understanding who your primary patients are and how to better serve them can significantly improve your dental clinic design, efficiency, and productivity.

At APEX Design Build, our team consisting of architects, designers, engineers, and project managers provide insight into how to properly design your dental practice. Whether you require a ground-up build or just a refresh of your pediatric dentist office design, our dedicated team possess experience is every step of the design and build process. For dental clinics that specialize in pediatrics, it can be particularly challenging to conceptualize the perfect layout that keeps children comfortable during their appointments as well as their parents happy with the service offered. To better serve you, our team has developed a few tips you can integrate into your pediatric dentist office design that will separate your practice from the rest!

First, add color! From the color of the carpet and tile flooring to the wall paint, implore fun colors that engage children. Especially for pediatric dentists, maintaining a child’s attention during a routine cleaning or even an oral surgery can be difficult. Decorate your office with bright, vibrant colors from floor to ceiling. To further enhance your office design, decide upon a theme and integrate throughout every room in your practice. Maybe you want to decorate with an ocean theme, filling your office with paintings of different fish and sea creature. Picking a fun theme that children will enjoy can lighten what nerves they may have when receiving a routine check-up, which makes your patients and their parents happy.

Next, size right. When you think “pediatrics”, images of children between the ages of 4 and 12 come to mind instantly. With this large age range also comes an even wider range of sizes and height. Depending on how many patients your practice sees, offer a variety in height for dental chairs, bathroom sinks, and sitting options in your waiting and consultation rooms. After all, you are seeing children, not their parents! The slightest adjustments in how high your countertops are or the size of chairs can greatly affect your patients’ experience during their visits.

Last, and possibly most critical; make your waiting room enjoyable. Every parent knows the worry and fear their children go through when visiting the dentist. Whether a cavity needs filling or it’s time to put on braces, children will worry about every detail of the appointment. One way to ease their worries and calm parents is to offer an enjoyable, relaxing waiting room. Equipped in your waiting room should be a selection of seating options, a play area for younger kids, a few areas to watch cartoons, and WiFi for the parents. Depending how busy your practice is, patients may spend more time than they wish in this part of your office. Creating a warm, welcoming environment from the beginning will create a better appointment experience for you, your staff, your patients, and their parents.

With these three helpful tips, you can begin revamping your pediatric dentist office design today!