YES! Now you can play Apex Legends on mobile devices, the game premiere was in May 2019. To download Apex Legends apk click link below:

File info:

Anti-ban protection: YES
Anti-virus verified: YES
Undetectable: YES
Cooperating with: IOS, Android
Status: 100% working

How you can set up Apex Legends mobile on your Android/IOS device:
1 Press the Download key.
2 Download the Apex Legends mobile, on the hard drive.
3 Connect the Android mobile device to your computer.
4 Run the hack.
5 Click the Start button, and then wait until the software hack the game.
6 Run the game, and play.

Apex Legends mobile is a shooter with battle royale mode, which takes place thirty years after the events of Titanfall 2. Apex is different from other battle royale games in that it introduces legendary heroes with unique abilities. Each of them can assume an offensive, defensive or support role. Players are divided into three-person teams, each of whom chooses a legend. In one match, you can participate in up to twenty teams fighting each other. There are six playable characters to choose from, and three additional ones can be purchased. Players are placed on a large map. All participants choose the heroes (there can not be two of the same characters on the team) and the place where they land. After landing, the player collects weapons, ammunition and armor lying on the map. There is a security zone on the map — if any player goes outside of it, it automatically loses health. The safety zone is constantly decreasing. The game ends when only one team remains on the battlefield. The game allows for voice communication with team members and sending commands regarding elements on the map, such as the location of weapons, positions of enemies or meeting places. Apex is a free game with built-in micropayments, enabling the purchase of heroes, battles and new voice messages. Apex Legends mobile received a definitely positive reception. 8 hours after starting the game, the player base has exceeded one million. A day later, it was already 2.5 million. Three days later, the game already had 10 million players, with a million active players. Apex Legends mobile was announced on February 4, 2019, EA on Monday before the release of the game, published that quarterly financial results that did not meet expectations meant that the company’s value decreased by 13% the next day. But with the growth and popularity of the game, analysts have recognized Apex as something that can compete and dominate Fortnite. On February 8, EA recorded the largest increase in the value of the company since 2014 due to the sudden success of Apex.

However, Apex Legends mobile, unlike Fortnite, or PUBG offers much more advanced graphics. The production of Epic Games focuses on a fairytale representation of the world, which looks good on mobile devices, but does not do crazy. The PUBG falls a little worse, although in the current situation the game works better in a portable version than in the one available on computers and consoles. Does Apex Legends mobile have a chance for sensible action? Hard to say. Although the technology hidden in modern smartphones allows for a lot, but the creators will probably have to go to some restrictions, so that the experiences of portable games are good enough to encourage players to play on these devices.

Apex Legends mobile tips:

It is difficult to abuse the Apex Legends mobile slide. With each gentle slope, running, then pressing Ctrl or C to crouch, will put you in a powerlide that will give you a higher speed and will make it harder for you to hit. On large hills it gives a huge increase in speed. But it is also a powerful tool for simply moving to the shield or conquering the basic speed of movement while going through the map. This is the basic way to improve the overall plucking and positioning performance and good habit of developing. Shooting accurately during a slip will require practice, but you will feel good as hell when you slip into a burning warfare and actually hit someone.

When you do the first drop, hit this Ctrl key to overcome even more distance, keeping your momentum and providing more control than the default “airbrake” animation. Shoot the bottom base of Caustic gas traps to turn them off. As if Caustic needed a hard meter at the beginning. Again frustrated!

The grenades on Apex Legends mobile remain powerful at this early stage of Apex’s life, but lobbying at the very beginning of the fight is where they are least effective. Throwing is best used to reach an enemy who is healed or advised against cover. During the plunder, reach for the Arc Stars first: their ability to slow down the enemy’s movement is extremely powerful in this fast FPS.

Most of Apex Legends mobile fight takes place on short or medium distances, so maximizing your DPS usually means switching two weapons that can fight in this range, because the reload is slower. That said, one person in the team should carry a weapon with a range so that you can tangle over long distances. As you approach the last ring, your team’s sniper should consider dropping the Longbow or Triple Take into something else from the enemy’s death chest.

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