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API3 and Matic are pleased to announce a partnership to explore how developers can use truly trustless external data to help grow the DeFi and NFT ecosystem on Matic. As part of this, we are happy to announce the first of a series of hackathons. These are devoted to showcasing the ease and benefits of using truly decentralized external data in dapps. and helping blockchains and scaling solutions highlight their technical strengths. The hackathon on Matic will be the first of these, and is planned to take place during ETH India, Jan 22nd to Feb 20th.

For the Matic hackathon, API3 will be providing support and data from two different Airnode-enabled APIs. These APIs will together cover crypto and traditional market data, commodities, and sports data. Bug bounties will be provided, as well as prizes for the winning dapps. More details about these, as well as more information about each API we are providing, will be released as the event nears. …

Dear community,

Thank you for taking part in the first day of the API3 public distribution. At the time of writing this, the distribution has raised $14M USDC, with 14M of the 20M publicly offered API3 tokens having been distributed. This is very exciting and would not have been possible without your support.

Although our public distribution is not over yet, we want to share some information with our contributors as a matter of transparency: The Gnosis Protocol was exploited to manipulate which orders were processed in the first batch of the public distribution.

As a result of a previously unexploited vulnerability in the order matching method, an address was able to manipulate the first batch by flooding it with orders for tokens that do not have real market value, thus being able to include only their own buy orders in the said batch. Utilizing this novel and — according to Mesa team — sophisticated attack on Gnosis Protocol, the attacker deployed $924,000 USDC and bought 1,633,500 API3 from the four lowest priced orders, at the price of $0.57 USDC per token. …

A Step-by-Step Guide

Go to the distribution platform →

  • Distribution starts: November 30th, 2pm CET (orders can already be submitted, but they will not be filled before November 30th, 2pm CET)
  • Distribution ends: December 14th, 2pm CET (or whenever the total allocation is claimed)
  • Platform: Optimized fork of Mesa DEX
  • Available tokens: 20,000,000 API3 (20% of the initial total supply)
  • Price: $0.30 — $2.00
  • Currency: USDC
  • Proceeds and unsold tokens will go to the API3 DAO

Prohibited from participating in the distribution: Any citizen of, or a person domiciled in Cuba, Iran, Syria, North Korea, and the Crimea region of Ukraine, the United States (including its territories and dependencies, any state of the United States and the District of Columbia), Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Guyana, Iraq, Sudan, or Yemen. …

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We are excited to announce that the API3 public token distribution event will take place between November 30th and December 14th on the Mesa DEX.

Why the delay?

We want to thank our entire community for your patience with us after we postponed our public distribution event in October. We felt this was necessary to ensure that we are working with the best possible partners for API3, many of whom we’ve since made public, and some of whom we will make public in the coming days and weeks. The additional time also allowed us to upgrade our tokenomics, not only to make them more robust and in line with our plans on how to scale API3, but also to ensure that participants in the public distribution event were on equal footing with the other project members when it came to staking and participating in the DAO. …

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Dear community,

API3 is pleased to announce we have closed our seed round of investment. Our seed round comes in partnership with six major funds and totaling $3 million in raised capital.

The round was led by Placeholder, accompanied by Pantera Capital, Accomplice, CoinFund, Digital Currency Group, and Hashed.

All told, API3 has raised $3 million in exchange for 10 million API3 tokens that will be subject to 2-year vesting. These tokens have a linear vesting schedule and become unvested on a block by block basis. …

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Dear community: we have two announcements to make regarding our public distribution event. First, to accommodate the timelines of some of our ecosystem’s strategic partners and to ensure we are working with the best possible partners and investors for the future of API3, we will be postponing the API3 public token distribution event to a later date. The event was initially scheduled to take place on the Mesa DEX starting October 15th and run for two weeks until October 29th. The new date for the public distribution will be announced soon.

Second, we are pleased to announce that — in response to initial feedback about the token distribution event — we will be increasing the public allocation from the initially planned 15% (15M API3) to 20% (20M API3). The additional 5 million API3 tokens will come from the initially planned Governance Partner Distribution. This means unvested tokens will only be distributed through the public token distribution on the Mesa DEX. …

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We are excited to announce that the API3 public token distribution event will take place between October 15–29 on the Mesa DEX.

What is API3?

Businesses offer a wide variety of services over APIs, ranging from providing asset price data to executing traditional financial transactions. It is critical for decentralized applications to be able to access the kind of services that APIs offer in order to interact with the real world, yet these APIs are not natively compatible with decentralized applications.

With API3, we aim for the concept of an API to take the next evolutionary step to meet the inevitably strict decentralization requirements of Web 3.0 without employing third-party intermediaries. This will be achieved by dAPIs — fully decentralized and blockchain-native APIs — which will be set up, managed, insured, and monetized at scale by the API3 DAO. …


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