Guard your bills, then prosper daily: fresh narratives that propel more business

Prosper Daily — New App logo

organization’s goals

BillGuard — previous app logo

early assets that determined BillGuard’s success

early boundaries that determined success… and stalled growth

BillGuard was still one very tied to the features exploited by credit card companies, ultimately doomed to be perceived as redundant or commoditized in the near future, potentially devoiding the app of its cutting edge and ultimately, its value.

a new narrative

“Our goal is to create a new type of personal finance app. We plan to use Prosper’s marketplace innovations in lending and investing to introduce new capabilities in the app that we think will be very meaningful to all of our users.”

unleash power: message new narrative to users via fresh features that provide compelling benefits




Learner: student of business, student of life. Product / Marketing leader. Podcaster @OctanagePodcast, editor @ItsYourTurnBlog, Seth Godin’s @alt_MBA alumnus.

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