Exclusive Roofing Lead Generation: How To Get More Jobs

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Dec 27, 2017 · 6 min read

It can take a little bit of knowhow and work to keep a steady stream of roofing contractor leads coming into your business, but it is important to the success of your business that you get it right. If you have ever had issues generating exclusive residential or commercial roofing leads online or otherwise, don’t worry, this guide will explain a few simple methods that will help the marketing and sales of your roofing company.

1. Online Contractor Bidding Platforms like Thumbtack, Go Smith, and Porch

If you are not familiar with these platforms, they work by allowing potential clients to upload their job descriptions, and contractors will be able to log in and bid on them. While your competition is driving around town giving bids, you can give them out and convert jobs more efficiently from the comfort of your bedroom or office, especially once you get some reviews.

Pro Tip: Make sure to fill your profile out as fully as possible, and reply to projects as soon as you possibly can. If you are just starting out on one of these platforms, I’d recommend giving a few lower bids so you can get some reviews and online credibility under your belt. Here is an article with more tips on how to get jobs from Thumbtack.

2. Email Marketing

This is a relatively underutilized tactic by many roofing contractors, and it’s a super easy way to get free roofing leads. Basically all you need to do is collect the email addresses of you clients, and then set up an automated mailer using a platform like AWeber. I recommend sending out about 1 email a month, which include things like: happy birthday emails, holiday wishes, specials you’re running, home improvement blog posts, and more. This will keep you and your business top of mind in your customer’s eyes, so they will be more likely to reach out to you or refer you to a friend if they ever need more roofing jobs done.

3. In Person Sales

Canvasing still works ladies and gentlemen, and it’s a great way to get free roofing leads. If you are already on a job in the neighborhood, and you see a neighbor that clearly could use some roofing work, knock on their door and let them know that you offer free estimates and special rates for neighbors. If you are not the sales type, or do not have time to go door to door, simply hire a commission based salesperson off of Craigslist. That way you will only have to pay them when they get you sales, and you can be off taking care of some other business.

4. Network With Other Home Service Contractors and Offer Cash Referrals

So how do you make deals with other contractors that can refer you on work.

Simply post an ad on the craigslist gigs section saying something like “HVAC (or any other trade) Contractors Needed”. Then in your ad description explain that you are looking to network with some business owners in your area so you guys can refer work to each other, and that you are willing to pay referral fees. If you are interested in getting into the commercial market, simply find other contractors that work on commercial buildings, this will help you get more commercial roofing leads. We have had much success with this technique for finding clients and finding partners for our clients to collaborate with.

5. Hire An Exclusive Roofing Lead Generation Company

What Are The Different Types Of Roofing Leads For Sale?

There are many different types of leads for sale, including calls, form submits, live transfers, booked appointments and more. Another factor that differentiates different kinds of leads includes those that are exclusive, and those that are not.

Some of the most common for sale include:

  • An interested persons contact information, and these are often sent to other roofing contractors in your local area.
  • A booked estimate or appointment. These are good, but the issue with them is that the third party that is booking your appointments will have to know your schedule, and they might book you for an appointment for a service you don’t provide, or with a tire kicker… Screening customers on the phone is important, and may not be able to be done properly by a marketing company or answering service.
  • An live exclusive phone call. This is the type of lead that we tend to use and recommend. We prefer these over booked appointments because you can speak directly with the customer to work out any details, and we prefer them to a customers contact information because those can be old and/or sent to multiple contractors

How Much Do Exclusive Roofing Contractor Leads Cost?

Buying exclusive leads can cost about $70–$300 depending on if they are for repairs or new roof replacements, the competition in your local area, and if they are commercial or residential leads. Even though they are usually a little bit more expensive than non-exlusive leads, they can often have a better return on investment due to the higher conversion rate they have to jobs.

How Does Our Roofing Lead Services Work?

Notice how in the heading I wrote“exclusive roofing lead generation company”. Companies like Home Advisor often sell the same leads to multiple contractors in your local area. The issue with these types of non-exclusive leads, is that they are not very high converting. Here at Apical Marketing, we believe it is better to generate leads for our clients using their own website and marketing materials. This keeps the branding consistent, and credits the client rather than some other brand with the marketing exposure. Learn more about our roofing lead generation services by clicking here.

6. How To Hire A Good Roofing Online Marketing/SEO and PPC Consultant

Ever wondered how to get exclusive roofing contractor leads online using SEO and PPC?

Because roofing SEO and Adwords management can be complicated for those who are not familiar with them, it is important to hire a quality online marketing and advertising consultant to help guide you. I have heard unfortunate stories about shady online marketing companies charging their customers their monthly retainer while underdelivering. Check out the video provided above for tips on how to hire a quality roofing SEO and online marketing consultant.

7. Storm Chasing

This can be highly profitable. One of the best ways to generate leads during a storm is to use Facebook ads. You can learn more this in our water damage restoration lead generation guide.

8. Craigslist Ads

Craigslist is a simple and great source of leads for roofers. We recommend crafting a professional looking ad with your keywords in it.

Be Aware:

The one issue with Craigslist is that you may run into some price shoppers from time to time, so you may want to avoid verbiage like “cheap” or “affordable” unless you are.

In Conclusion:

Following a multiple pronged approach to marketing your roofing company and selling, can your chances of success.

We would like to hear your views. Please comment below, or reach out to us on our website if you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding exclusive roofing lead generation.

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