12 Ways to Generate Exclusive Tree Service Leads & Customers

Are you interested in getting more tree service leads for your business? While some people may overcomplicate this process, it is really quite simple. Here are 10 tree service advertising and marketing tactics you can use to grow your business:

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1. Start a Referral Program

A referral program will encourage other people to promote your business for you. This includes anyone from your existing client base, to landscapers. In order to implement this, you can simply put a page on your website that explains the terms of your referral program, and send an email about it to people who you think may be able to help you.

2. Network with Other Professionals

There are many businesses in related industries that are in need of tree services from time to time. You should be networking with these professionals in order to be top of their mind when they are looking to refer someone.


Landscapers are getting asked to do tree jobs all the time that they may not be able handle. Many of them would be glad to refer these jobs out to you in exchange for a referral commission, and/or referrals for their business. They also may just book the jobs themselves and use you as a sub-contractor.

Other Tree Service Companies

While networking with your competition may sound a little bit counterintuitive, it can help. Tree service companies offer the same services, some of them prefer to only do tree trimming jobs, while some are more interested in full tree removals. It is also possible that some companies may be too busy to handle their incoming business. Regardless of the reason, if other tree care companies get work that they would rather refer out, you want to be at the top of their mind.

3. Craigslist

Craigslist can be an awesome source of leads if done correctly. Here are some of the basics of what we recommend:

Once you have a good ad copy, you should be able to run the same one over and over again to generate leads

4. Get a Pay Per Call Tree Service Lead Generation Service

If you want to make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck, pay per call/lead is much more preferable in our option than running your own PPC campaigns. It will allow you to only pay as leads come in, and not based on every click that comes onto your website. Additionally, if you are not experienced at running your own PPC campaigns, you may have to hire someone to manage them for you. This makes pay per lead a cheaper option in many cases. You can learn more about our pay per call lead generation services for tree service contractors here.

5. SEO

SEO can be one of the most valuable investments for your business. Imagine paying someone 6 thousand dollars, and then after that for 10 years you got the phone to ring month after month free of charge. You can literally make that investment back from one month worth of leads that the SEO will generate for you. While it may take some time and money to get your website ranking up front, after it is done it should require very little maintenance as long as you are not looking to expand it any further.

6. Offer Related Services

Instead of relying on other companies to give you referrals, you can actually offer services like lawn care and landscaping. This can allow you to then up-sell tree services and earn more revenue.

7. Expand Your Service Area and Stay Open Later

A larger service area and staying open later than the competition generally means more chances of getting leads, as long as you are advertising well. While there probably won’t be too many people that reach out to you after hours for tree work, some might be in an emergency and need it.

8. Manage Your Online Reputation

In general most people that find your business online are going to want to see some kind of reviews before they call and/or hire you. Not to mention that these reviews can help you rank higher in search engines. An easy way to encourage more reviews is by putting a review link to your GMB and Yelp profile on your business cards, email signatures, website, and anywhere else you can think your customers may look.

9. Up-Sell

Up-sells are relatively easy in the tree service business. Trees and shrubs generally continue to grow after you trim them, so you can simply offer a discounted price for periodic maintenance services.

10. Remarking

Have you ever gone to a website, and noticed that there are ads following you around on Facebook and other websites for that website? That is called remarketing or retargeting, and it is currently one of the most effective targeting strategies you can use for your ads. The great part about it is that it should only take about 30 minutes to set up, and for most tree service businesses it doesn’t require very much ad spend to reach your current clients.

11. Email Marketing

This option is another great way to keep your current customers engaged, and potentially get more work. Here are some examples of emails that you can send out to your list:

12. Direct Mail

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This method can carry some upfront cost, but it is a tried and true way to generate leads for your business. In fact, as many advertisers have focused more online, studies have shown that it has actually become more effective, mainly due to the reduced competition. When crafting a tree service advertisement for direct mail, we suggest that you consider what advertising and targeting strategies your competitors are using. If they are spending a lot of money on these ads, chances are that they are working for them to some degree. We also recommend that you provide some sort of unique offer/coupon code for this campaign. This will allow you to track the leads that come from your direct mail campaign, while also making it potentially more effective.


Thanks for reading this article about tree service lead generation tactics. We would like to hear from you, please let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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