Advantages of Push Notifications

Push notifications do not cost anything for the user. Sending push notification by server is also free for a limited user. Unlike text messages, push notifications are more plausible to prefer in this case since text messages would cost too much for unlimited users.

Push notifications are more user-friendly. Firstly, users can control what they want to see as a notification and what not. They can also specify the notifications they want to see from each application.

Application publishers can see the interaction between users and the application with push notifications. They can gather positive or negative return about their application as in which users close the push notifications or not. In addition, publisher can higher the usage of application through call-to-action messaging. With push notifications, click-through rates can be increased and users can be led to another marketing channels.

Users can get real time updates like news, updates, weather and traffic reports, etc. When using Push Notifications, pay attention to push notification sending frequency since users have more than one application on his mobile device and it can affect the device’s battery.

Push Notification History

Push notification system started with Blackberry’s e-mail application. The app was sending e-mail notifications to the user. Then, it evolved to free messaging system between Blackberry widgets.

In 2009, Apple introduced the first push notification on iOS devices with Apple Push Notification service. With APNs, application developers was able to transfer any information to iOS, watchOS, macOS and tvOS devices.

In 2010, Google introduced “Google Cloud to Device Messaging (C2DM)”, a service for Android devices.

In 2013, Google improves its push notification system and allowed publishers to use enhanced features of C2DM.

In 2014, Apple introduced interactive push notifications in iOS 8.

In 2015, Apple released Apple Watch in which users can get push notifications from it as well.

Push Notification Types

Informative Notifications:

Update Notifications

An application’s new versions, majop updates or new features can be suggested to install. These notifications give users the idea that the application is improving itself continually and getting better.

Reminder Notifications

These notifications inform users about their needs such that if they have a meeting or a flight. In order to make them not miss an important opportunity, these notifications can draw the local data to alert them when they need to leave the house, etc.


These notifications are directly related to users. For example, if someone has sent the user a message, the push notification will pop-up on the screen.

Geolocation Notifications:

Applications that use location to show nearby stores, places, etc. send geolocation notifications. For instance, such apps like Swarm notifies the user if he is nearby at a specific place to check-in.

Catch-up Notifications:

These push notifications motivates the user in a way which they send messages like “You have only 1 more task to get your achievement!” or “You are great! You achieved your goal today!”, etc. To exemplify, Pedometer sends push notifications like “You have X more steps to achieve your daily goal!”. Especially fitness, diet, lifestyle applications are using those notifications.

Promotional Notifications:

Such applications like travel and shopping send push notifications to offer deals and promotions. They are encouraging users to make a purchase.

Recurrent Push Notifications:

They are sent to users at a specific date and time. Some music or ecommerce applications send push notifications like “Your weekly music list is ready”, etc.

Rating/Survey Push Notifications:

Those notifications are very useful for publishers. When a user sends a feedback with rating or completing a survey, publisher can improve the app accordingly.

Order Push Notifications:

Those notifications contain order confirmations, tracking informations, receipts, order updates of an order that user make.

Trivia Push Notifications:

Those notifications are funny, lovely, creative and entertaining. The aim here is to make a user smile and to take a desired action. offers SEO and Push Notification Tools for your online business.

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