Building an API Support System

The company I work for pushes the boundaries of predictive analytics, leveraging a huge data set and a history of modeling expertise. Which then provides a mechanism to help other companies to evaluate driving risk and make smarter decisions in real time.

This is our externally facing documentation that helps generate great introductions and leads for partnerships. From an engineering and customer success perspective I’m am challenged with the day to day operations standards, support mechanisms and maintenance of the APIs that make smarter decisions in real time. If the APIs are providing bad data then your decisions would not be very smart.

The development teams work in extreme programming and are responsible for the build and support of their API products. This is great in theory but assumes that the teams are provided with a group of tools that are consistent across the organization. Some of the tools include a common communication practice, a set of guidelines to determine when to communicate, channels for communication, ticketing systems, monitoring systems which include synthetic transactions, change policies, a testing and integration system that has been validated through technology. this list is by no means exhaustive. in fact this list will continue to grow as the APIs mature and new technology is introduced.

My challenge is how to incorporate these tools along with provide great API standards that support our partners.

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