Get ready to change culture…

I’m at API World 2017 in San Jose and just heard one of the best talks by Matthew Reinbold, “An API Governance Blueprint for Successful IT Culture Change”. This was a great talk because this is exactly where my team and I are struggling. We have some of the greatest technology, and the greatest people. We are also born out of a legacy company which has made a great deal of success. We have have adopted some of the culture around processes from the parent company that work in places and in others impede our progress.

I remember having an fantastic hallway conversation with a colleague who now works with me side by side. I was arguing for a process and he stopped me in my tracks when he said “Ben does the process get mentioned in the quarterly report as a method to generate revenue?”. I was floored and his conversation has stuck with me for 5 years. The talk by Matthew was like that. In the talk Matthew mentions that culture change must take precedence and must be changed prior to any new implementations. As I am responsible for the governance methods for APIs I need to also pay attention to the culture around my organization. Am I am helping my internal and external developers recognize that we are a changing organization that is going through a significant cultural change. The change will be disruptive and difficult but in the end I feel this change is going to benefit this organization.

As the API Champion I am responsible for governance. I need to implement governance in method enables positive change because every problem that the governance methods tries to solve is not a hammer and nail scenario.

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