Refactor the API part 3 of 3

Sorry for the delay in finishing this series. I started a new job and my journals had to take a back seat. I’m still building APIs and surrounding processes.

The brand new API is built with a great cloud pattern , a user profile and with the jobs to be done framework. You built great documentation, the speed is awesome, you have streaming, you have insights and a kitchen sink. The API is so amazing that you are thinking about buying a virtual and physical velvet rope because of all the people wanting to use the API. In a make believe world the greatness of your API and the jobs that it provides should be more than enough. Fortunately we do not live in a make believe world.

If you are at a stopping point for your API then that is great because if its built correctly then you should have had a set of customers you were interviewing, marketing and advertising to so you can gather feedback. APIs cost money and time however without a customer base or someone using it then they are worthless.

If you have a customer base be it internal or external then that is great. Start reviewing your usage, gather feedback on updates, hype your API benefits, tell everyone how your added value, review your roadmap and reset your priorities. Else, guess what you will need to stop adding features, go find some users who want your data, insights, whatever and find customers. APIs are used to solve problems. If you built the API without a problem to solve then REFACTOR everything and start over.

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