Your APIs are Characters in Story

I often have to explain what I do to many people. When I say I build application programming interfaces(APIs) I usually receive a response such as

“ Does anybody want that? ”

Being grounded in design thinking and product management principles. I started conducting tests in the elevator to see what I could do to get people as excited about APIs as I am. With my tests in hand I started riding the elevator up and down for about an hour a day in the Merchandise Mart in the great city of Chicago.

I wanted to target people who are not in the technology space. I wanted to be able to talk to people about APIs in a method that they understand, see the value like it is stated in this article and I wanted to people to take action by inquiring for further information. I wanted to find the best phrase that would get the response

“wow that is amazing. Can you tell me more how you do it?”.

After a few false starts and awkward conversations in the elevator some with security :). I was able to get a pitch down that received the response that I needed. I package data for consumption. You can think of my packaged data as a character sketch for a great story where the story is an application. My characters make the stories come alive and give the author the ability to build their own fantastic stories .