How to be Less Stressful in Handling People

Do you know MBTI personality test? By trying the test you can deeply know who you are and recognize your weakness as well as your strengths. What MBTI type are you belong to?

Whatever MBTI type you are , you can still try to learn anythings that you have no idea at all or you think you cannot do that. Everything is possible! Don’t limit yourself from learning good things by just looking at your MBTI type. It is only a tool to deeply know yourself.

I was encouraged to write this due to last night discussion with my friend. I believe that each of us has our own abilities which cannot compared to others. We are good at one part of life but are weak in other parts. And it is very okay.

I just want to share something I like to do which sometimes is seemingly exhausted or stressful for other people. That is handling people whose their attitude make us stress, burden us or give bad impacts to other people, spread negative emotions, etc.

First of all, we have to realize that human are not always in the same states, sometimes they are happy, sometimes they are sad or in bad times. When we are facing people who are on their bad times, not all of us could be good at facing them or even managing our responses. What happen on other people can sometimes make us stressful or frustrated, and it is inevitable. Unfortunately, we have to face it no matter we like it or not.

Here are my tips in handling people. I do not know they would work on you or not, but hopefully they would help you to see another perspective in handling people.

1. Change your perspectives.

There may be two perspective when we see people showing their weakness or faults or bad attitude towards us or others. If we are negatively affected by those people, we see it is our inability to face the people or we consider that the faults are their inabilities to handle themselves. The perspectives probably would make us think we are unable to manage such kind of people, or make us dislike the people, or both.

Our responses would be very different if we think like this: we try to consider that they need our help to make themselves better and need our support to get out from their negative feelings. They just need other people to pull them out from the negativity.

2. Become more empathy and realize that everybody needs to be understood instead of judged.

To be understood by others is needed by every human, although some of them don’t want to admit that. Remember that anything which has already on people’s mind or soul are based on their personal life experiences. Those make them as who they are right now. This awareness can make us more gentle in facing any kind of people.

3. Manage your emotions by setting boundaries.

When we find ourselves negatively affected by other people’s feelings, stop ourselves from staring at the people. Make ourselves calm before facing those people. Setting boundaries means we know the point where we can no longer handle the people. If we are negatively affected, seek help, tell other people about what’s bothering us rather than store up the negative emotions and not know when to reveal it up. Do not forget to admit that we have the negative emotions, own it and throw it out.

4. Accept the people as who they are.

Whatever they do on us, they just human who sometimes do not know if they do wrong. They just need to learn how to manage their thoughts and get away from negativity. They need more experiences and self reflection to be better person.

5. Do not let what other people do or say affect our responses.

We own our hearts. Whatever other people do are their business. Our responses are our business, so that don’t too often think about what other people do, but watch our responses. We are always given ability to handle everything comes out from our tongue and hands. Give best responses that would make other people are encouraged to be better person.

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