I am Enough.

I’ve spent so many years giving my heart away; only to be hurt.

I’ve refined, auditioned and perfected roles that were never being given.

I’ve spent countless hours reviewing my flaws and how to fix them.

Yet, I never once looked at them so deeply.

I’ve accepted the bare minimum either

thinking that was enough


like a gardener, “I’ll get it to grow.”

Never once asking myself, “Is this the way?”

I took so much on, only expecting mutuality in return.

Yet it never came. I was left feeling not enough. Not enough fun. Not enough humor. Not enough style. Not enough.

Now as I reflect on many years gone by, I realize…

I am ENOUGH. Moreover,

I am worth

  • the investment
  • the time
  • the consideration

I bring plenty to the table

  • I’ve earned my seat and plate.
  • I always give more than I take.

I know who I am

  • A strong
  • God Loving
  • Nurturing
  • Adventurous
  • Educated
  • Female of the Earth

I know what I’m working towards

  • A better world
  • A happy life

So I’ve decided that I’ve spent ENOUGH time, consideration and investment searching for the one. So I choose to wait and let him come, if that is my fate. No more worldly interventions, blind dates, or cafe encounters.

Instead, I will continue to improve my life, my joy, and my surroundings. I will do the things I enjoy, the things that can better the world, and things that will create a more fruitful future.

I will continue to honor those who bring light, love and life into my world.

I will continue making peace with the past and present, so that my future has a strong foundation and unlimited options.

I will work on letting go of Fear, until it is in no longer in my vocabulary; because it will no longer exist.

Contentment will be my ultimate goal. I will rise with gratitude and end my days with thankfulness.

And this is why?

Because I know that I am more and I was made to do more.

So I will wait and let him come, if that is my fate.