No reference to Firefox intended.

Here at Leaning Technologies, we use WebAssembly daily to create unique and seemingly impossible technologies, like CheerpX (a WebAssembly virtual machine designed to safely run arbitrary x86 libraries and applications in browser) and CheerpJ (a solution to compile and run Java applications in the browser).

CheerpX, in particular, is certainly…

Python3 running client side using CheerpX. File access and blocking primitives (i.e. sleep) are demonstrated.

WebAssembly is one of the hottest topics in software development right now, particularly in the web applications ecosystem.

While its internals are still mysterious to many, here at Leaning Technologies we have been working with it daily for the last several years. …

Or how we plan to run any Flash content in WebAssembly without re-implementing Flash

Note: We have recently announced CheerpX for Flash, a solution to extend the life of Flash applications post-2020. Find out more in this post

For quite a long time, and until recently, Adobe Flash has been the tool of choice to create interactive web applications, especially video games. Since Flash…

Alessandro Pignotti

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