Its Not Okay

Is biological warfare ethical? Biological warfare is the use of viruses, bacteria, and other toxins in war to cause death against enemy’s. The answer, to me, seems pretty obvious that it is not. Yet, the degree of the acts is something that should be taken into consideration. Killing a large number of innocent people with a terrible disease that could spread worldwide is not something I see as being okay just to achieve the death of a handful of the enemy’s people. Is killing the same handful of enemy’s better if you just poison their food and they are the only ones to die as the result? The second sounds better, but it still doesn’t answer the question of if it is ethical.

Killing someone with a gun is normally quick and much less painful than the use of a virus or bacteria that causes the person a horrible strung out death. Killing in war is just a given but causing it to be longer and more painful is what I believe makes biological warfare unethical. Killing those who aren’t even involved in the war is what is unethical. Letting the disease get out of hand is what makes biological warfare unethical.

In my opinion biological warfare is indeed unethical. It impacted many innocent people in a negative way. The families of those who die from a disease have to sit back and watch a loved one deterrent before finally being killed. It not only has a negative impact on people but on the world. Killing off large numbers of people in a certain area has no real purpose except to kill off a small certain amount of people and all the rest are wasted.

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