Necessary Evil

I see the need for horse slaughter. Now that being said does not mean I am Pro-slaughter, yet I’m also not anti-slaughter, I simply see how it is necessary for the entire equine population to function efficiently. Horse slaughter is not legal in the U.S but it is legal for horses to be sold at meat auctions and shipped to Mexico and Canada. Without the shipment of horses to processing facilities there would be a large increase in the horse population causing grain and hay prices to rise. The increase in horse feed prices would make it very hard for people to be able to afford to keep their horses. Horses would be abandoned places, left to either be rescued or die. Others might just be starved to death having to endure a terribly long painful death. Slaughter is not a great alternative but it is a better alternative than a horse having to live out a horrible life.

Is there other options? Normal euthanasia by a veterinarian is the best option in my opinion. Although, for a vet to euthanize a horse it can be quite expensive and some owners may not be able to afford that route. For all the horses that are either starving because the owners already don’t have money for their care or the ones that are severally mistreated because they misbehave, euthanasia is not an option. The alternative for the horses to go to a meat auction where they can be saved by other buyers or taken to processing plants to be put to a faster death than what they would have to live through seems like a better choice then the suffering. I don’t care for the act of slaughtering 100,000 plus horses each year but I do care for the well being of the horses who get to live out a happy healthy life and those who are being sent to the processing plants as a way out of the pain they live through every day.