What is Going On?

Can someone please tell me how Donald Trump is winning the Republican Polls? His views are honestly so radical that I fear that history could repeat itself in the worst way imaginable. Many people say “If Donald Trump becomes president I’m moving to Canada,” yet he is still getting a good majority of the votes. Those that don’t support him and use this statement still would most likely not act on it if he did indeed become president but what would happen with the country? I’ll admit that it was a nice little laugh when he announced he would be running in the election but now it’s getting a little alarming that he has rallied so much support.

Donald Trump doesn’t make it hard to find reasons to justify why he shouldn’t be in office. How will he handle the criticism of other rulers if he can’t show up to a debate because the prompter “singles him out” or what about when he kicks people out of his rallies and doesn’t scold supporters for abusing the protester as they are removed. Another downfall is he is extremely racist and doesn’t hold back on his opinions so when working with other leaders things would have a great chance of going very wrong. Donald Trump is a egoistic man who I can not believe is capturing the votes of so many I hope people wake up and realize the dangers that could arise before the final elections.