A successful story is not gifted but is Created!

Business in the small city like Haridwar was a unique experience is itself. In the beginning, the founder of Apkaabazar, Ashish Sharma had to face considerable challenges from building website and gathering staff since the city lacked skilled people in this work.

Photo by Hanson Lu on Unsplash

Online shopping or if we talk about eCommerce industry in India, it has taken the entire nation on successful waves. People prefer to go online if they want to purchase something. From grocery to technological products, every little thing is available at just the click of a button. What can be more contented than the fact that the order is delivered at the most pocket friendly prices. One can certainly say that the fever of online shopping in the country is already at heights.

Observing the trend around, Mr Ashish Sharma, CEO and Co-founder of ApkaaBazar, came up with an idea that would make online shopping not only reliable and easy but also pocket friendly. And that is the main notion behind coming up with a Apkaabazar platform. He wanted to come up with a platform where cost saving remains the main objective behind every successful purchase. He wanted to come up with the best online deals website which would offer the customer ample online discount coupons, cashbacks and exciting offers. And Apkaabazar turned out to be an accomplished result.Today, it is embarking on the towering heights of success because it has been able to understand the common problems faced by every middle class person and his constant urge to save some money, to accomplish the basic needs of his family. Without a shadow of doubt, the entire journey was never devoid of challenges.

We are a eCommerce startup and had to establish our firm roots in a small city of India — Haridwar. Since there were not any eCommerce business in that city, we thought of building one by availing the opportunity. While it is quite easy to spread the word about a new business in a metropolitan city where people are already much aware about the technological trends in the market but when it comes to forging strong business grounds in a small city, it takes a lot more of endeavors and patience. He wanted to give his idea a successful shape and in a smarter way but the journey became a little more bumpy when he has to put his strong imprints not in any smart, metropolitan city but a small city like Haridwar!

It is not merely about spreading the knowledge of business among masses but hiring capable talent is a major challenge that must be envisaged. When one is making investment on building up a startup and especially in the software industry, one may need proficient human resource that are great expertise in their skills and capabilities. One cannot compromise when it comes to hiring the best talent of the country (technical as well as non-technical staff) and providing expert services to the customers.

Mr.Ashish Sharma, was previously employed in Bharat Petroleum. He left the job for establishing his strong footprints in the ecommerce industry. But the course of the entire one year was not at all easy, he faced a lot of challenges and the biggest one was to find tech-savvy and skilled people from the small city of Haridwar.

Digital marketers, content writers, software engineers, website developers, SEOs, Social Media Managers, all these people hold an equal share for taking the ecommerce business to prosperity. It was quite difficult to find adept resources in Haridwar so the search began in Delhi-NCR and we thought of hiring the freelancers after analysing their capabilities and their interest in our business.

Secondly, when Mr. Ashish Sharma, came up with this plan and used to discuss about it among his friends, they were unable to understand what benefit would a common man grab if he chooses to buy from Apkaabazar and not directly from Amazon or Flipkart. The concept was not very much clear to everyone and we had to explain the kind of tie-up between the biggest online traders and Apkaabazar. We had to make them understand that it is going to be a website where a middle class man would be able to get different online shopping offers in India and online discount coupons so that their shopping experience would be a bit more pocket friendly.

Although the entire journey was a struggle, it was definitely unique. We feel that by forging the grounds of ecommerce business in a city like Haridwar, we have added our contribution towards making Digital India. This will probably invite entrepreneurs from the small cities to setup their businesses, creating ample employment opportunities all over India as well as taking the entire country towards digitalization.

After the entire uphill battle, today we have been able to build a platform that has become one shopper’s stop for its customers where they could find all sorts of products (from clothing, jewellery, cosmetics to gardening plants, electronics, handicrafts, birthday gifts etc) at discounted prices, along with their appropriate categorization. Our aim has been to be counted in the best online deals websites in India and our endless endeavors have got us fruitful result.

The customers can enjoy online discount coupons through top vendors like PayTM, Mobikwik, BookmyShow. The endeavors made to create a successful eCommerce startup Apkaabazar.com have been proved fruitful that has enhanced the shopping experience of a common man.