Top 5 Casual Games On Play Store 2018

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We are again back with some cool stuff for you. This time we have decided to provide you a list of some cool and most played Top 5 Casual Games for android.

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Top 5 Casual Games On Play Store 2018

Yet Another Year is About to come to an End

And like our other best games suggestions this year,

Here is the collection of more Casual Games, because hey Who doesn’t like to Play some casual Games in their Free Time.

Starting with the most loved version of the board game

So this game app is categorized under board category and also #1 Top free, so if you miss your childhood and you miss playing ludo, then go ahead and install it right now.

And if you’re not sure about installing it thinking that it might make you look like a child having a board game on your smartphone! Don’t WORRY because You’re not alone and this game has about 100M+ DOwnloads making it the most popular amongst all the board games available on the google play store.

Features of this game include all ludo features but here are some more

  • Auto move system (which prohibits cheating).
  • More user-friendly than ever UI.
  • Improved online connectivity.
  • Challenges
  • Globally spread player community
  • Constant updates for improvements

So what are you waiting for? ROLL THE DICE, GET STARTED!

Ludo King has over 2M reviews with 4.4-star ratings out of 5-star ratings.And Anyone above 3 years of age Can Play this game.

Download Ludo King Apk Now

Candy Crush Friends Saga is your best pass time when it comes to playing Switch and match candies to unlock rewards, friends, and sweet collectible outfits!


  • Hundreds of levels
  • More modes to choose from
  • Have your friends at one place all dressed up as you want
  • Play whenever you want, online or offline

The game has over 10M+downloads which makes your Candy Community-wide big, happy and cheerful!

Over 667K users have reviewed their experiences about the game App and rated 4.7star out of 5-star ratings which is quite convincing considering it as a casual game.

Rated for 3 years+ age, the game was released recently in the month of October in the year 2018 and has successfully gained 10M+ downloads until the end of the year!

With a download size of 79MB get it here

Download Candy Crush Friends Saga Now

Released in the year 2018 Orbia was very Quick to make its place in the Editors Choice Category around the end of the year, with over 1M+ downloads from the google play store.

And Orbia: Tap and Relax Also Won Google play awards: Most Casual 2018.

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Orbia is a game which while playing you can experience all the unusual worlds you want with your amazing skills


  • Hundreds of levels in each different worlds
  • Best sound technology used
  • Constant world updates and new Fun levels
  • High-end graphics

117K users reviewed this game and rated it 4.8 stars out of 5-star ratings

Rated for 3+years of age anyone above 3 years can play this game and it contains In-App purchases and advertisements.

With a download size of 40MB under the Arcade, category gets the game.

Download Orbia: Tap and Relax Now

So many of the Harry Potter Fan would click the download option right now

But if you’re not a fan and yet interested in magic and spells and secrets and, mysterious things this is your magic wand to grab

So describing this game in more words, if you haven’t got the idea by the Name,

The game is All About the mystery, spells, and Magic, and all in the Classic Hogwarts Castle

Categorized under the ADVENTURE,#4 TOP GROSSING AND EDITORS CHOICE, this Game is also the winner of Google Play Fan Favourite Winner for “Most Casual Game” 2018 and everything within 6–7 Months of its release Date! Which makes it insanely popular with 10M+ downloads from the Google play store.

More Features of the game are

  • Attend classes, Learn spells, Make your Potions, customize yourself as a student
  • More mystery with more adventure
  • Make Friends

It contains In-app purchases but is free to download and play

It has 1M reviews and users rated this game 4.4 stars out of 5-star ratings,

So don’t just Read and watch movies and books about harry potter’s journey Play Along, be the Potter head you always wanted to be!!

P.S it has amazing GRAPHICS in the history of harry potter games so click download and enter the World of Magic and Mystery and Adventure.

The game is rated for individuals of 12+ years of age and has download size of 94MB.

Download Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Now

This game is based on the story in which the player struggles to find his/her father!

It is categorized as EDITORS CHOICE and PUZZLE

It is a puzzle game but not like every other puzzle games

It’s the features that make this game even better

  • The game has complex, simple all types of puzzles
  • All the puzzles are located in exciting locations
  • Most amazing mystery awaits you at the end of the level
  • Constantly releasing new features
  • And game allows super windscreen support

The game contains In-app purchases and advertisements

As released on 22-May-2018 it has gained quite popular amongst its puzzle-loving friends which resulted in 1M+ downloads for this game from the google play store this year!

And also made its way in EDITORS CHOICE category.

With a download size of 88MB, this Fun Game has 4.5-star ratings out of 5-star ratings and 12K user reviews on the google play store.

Challenge your Puzzle skills and WIN

Download Faraway 3: Arctic Escape Now

So here you’ve come to the end of this piece which was a collection of Casual Games of the year 2018 from different Categories such as PUZZLE, ADVENTURE, ARCADE, BOARD, and CASUAL!

All of them are fun because GAMES are meant to be fun.

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Go ahead download it, use your casual time in casual games.

I hope you must have enjoyed this now.

Do share this with your crazy mates now, because “Sharing is So Sexy!”

Thank you so much for reading.

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