4 Reasons I Love My Nest Thermostat

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Everyone’s abuzz about Nest this week. “Are they going to make it?” “With the Alphabet transition will they have enough revenue to continue?” “Does the leadership work?”

I think Nest is going to be fine — especially if they keep what makes the thermostat great close to their heart. What makes it great?

  1. I can change the temperature of my house without getting out of bed.
    I’m lazy, I love being lazy. I love having the house be a few degrees too warm for my Saturday morning lie-in and BAM grab the phone, hit a few buttons, and the house is cooling. And I didn’t have to get out of bed.
  2. They were actually serious about the whole “saves energy” thing.
    My electricity bill went down substantially once I got a Nest. It knows when I’m home and when I’m not and adjusts accordingly. Feature request: have a Waze-like knowledge of when you come home normally and pre-emptively start cooling the house that you could turn on or off at will.
  3. It’s super easy to use.
    It’s so easy to use that my mother decided to buy one for my 90 year old grandmother after she used mine. Enough said.
  4. I really like knowing how many hours my AC or heat was on the day before.
    I love the trending where you can see how many hours the AC is on and see the direct relationship between being a degree cooler and extra work on the AC.

If Nest can start coming through with more products like this, I’ll be 100% on board to get more of them. And I’d be willing to bet many others would be too. So I wouldn’t be cashing out on them yet.

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