In Defense of Our Diverse Nation

Photo courtesy of Unspoken Politics Net

We the American people do not have to stand for a Trump presidency. We can peacefully make waves to spread the message that hatred towards our fellow Americans for their diversity will NOT be tolerated by the American people. It is on us who face less oppression or no oppression at all to do good by our friends and loved ones, and be allies and voices for them.

As it stands now (November 19, 2016), Hillary Clinton has dominated the Popular Vote, also known as the “People’s Vote.” At present, 1,109,038 more Americans voted for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump, making her the second-most voted for presidential candidate in U.S history. It is clear that the American people chose her for president. But due to our out-dated Electoral Vote System, those 1,000,000+ people’s votes do not actually matter.

The votes that do matter are those of the Electors in the Electoral College. They get the final say on who will become our next President of the United States. It is also the job of the Electoral College to keep dangerous, unqualified people like Trump from taking the highest office in our country. Never before in our history has there been a better time for us to call on the Electoral College to utilize this unique power of theirs. For our sake, and for our friends and allies around the world.

Already, some Electors in Colorado are doing their best to talk to other Electors and get them to switch their vote away from Trump. They call themselves “Moral Electors.” We the American people must also make our voices heard to appeal to the Electors to vote with their consciences and side with the people.

The Electors will make their final decision on December 19, 2016.

Here is what you can do in that time.


SIGN THE PETITION. You will find the petition located here. Nearly 4.5 million Americans have already signed it. Please join us in standing against hate.


SHARE THE PETITION. Share it on Facebook, Twitter, and/or any other social media accounts you may have. This is important! It must reach as many people as possible so that the Electors can see just how many people want this change to be enacted. Remember to use relevant tags where necessary (for example, on Twitter, tags such as #NotMyPresident and #TrumpProtest are particularly popular for this purpose).


CALL AND/OR WRITE TO INDIVIDUAL ELECTORS. There is nothing more personal than actually calling or sending a letter or email to the Electors themselves. Contact as many of the Electors in Red States as you can. Let them know that the American people wanted Hillary and chose to stand against racism, sexism, homophobia, and other forms of bigotry and hatred. Ask them to side with the people and protect everyone in our country. Remember to do so respectfully — they are people, too.

*NOTE: Even an electoral vote for a different Republican other than Trump is better than a vote for Trump! Let Electors know this.

There are many ways to go about contacting Electors. If you need resources on who the Electors are and how to contact them, please check out the following THREE SOURCES:


FIND SUPPORT GROUPS AND/OR FORM YOUR OWN. THEN REPEAT STEPS 1–3. Strength in numbers still holds true. It is important for your own health and safety to know that you are loved and are not alone. Regardless of our differences, we are all American. If you are an ally and not in one of the targeted groups, make sure to be the best of allies during this difficult time. We will get through this! Together. Furthermore, reaching out as a group to Electors and other government officials can only reaffirm that we will stand together to fight hate. We really are stronger together.

Again, please remember to share this information with everyone who can help!

We have ONE MONTH. Go.