An Open Letter to John Hanke & Niantic
Yang Liu

Thank you Yang brought us such a great tracking system, at least for most of the PMgo players from my point of view.

I don’t think I will play PMgo after Niantic remove their own tracking system , also blocking all third party tracking and radar system.

Niantic stated that the fake IP create a large traffic led to the crash of their server. Yes, it maybe true that the third party do make a huge pressure on their system.But in the other hand, maybe they should consider make the game less relying on their server …?

Some players have talked about players in Asia area use pokevision as a tool to take advance upon other players, however this situation is also a result on Niantic’s poorly design game play. Seriously, I don’t even see a single Pokemon around my home but my friend who are living in Asia just got tones of Pokemon around their home. “More dense population means more pokemon” design really left out suburban areas and even less dense communities in the city and even in the whole world!!!! Trackers provide chance for players in rural area and also causal players to enjoy the game.

At the last, Niantic seems to have a plan to restore the tracking system…well, I don’t think I will pick PMgo again at that time either. Let’s see how they make it to be a more friendly game for every players. But I am considering to get a new DS for REAL pokemon games. PMgo reminds me how much fun Pokemon have brought to me. Maybe I am just more into console game than Smartphone games.

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