One Surprising Truth about Introverts
Larry Kim

I love being called as an Introvert, until recently in college days i was tagged as “Egotist”. That was long time ago as of now.
I still remember when my fellow classmates during college days used to call me behind my back as an Anti social, egotist person who always remains within himself, find it difficult to attend social gatherings and in the name of friends there were hardly few.
The problem with the society these days is that they have self proclaimed the Extrovert as their ideal.

In her book Quiet-The power of introverts in the world that can`t stop talking, Susan Cain writes about number of people who are living in seclusion and at the same time were frequently outgoing depending upon the interest and the path that they took. These people remain very hushed when compared with majority, and yet the outcomes in terms of productivity was way too much when compared with the “Extroverted ideal”.

When i was looking into myself and discovering my inner self. I came across the MBTI (Myers Briggs type indicator), this is not the perfect test to test the personality but still a compelling one to know oneself.

I love being called as an Introvert, as i am the best friend of myself and I love spending the time alone.

Thanks to GOD for making me an Introvert