From Zero to One

The Beginning of A+ Apps

Welcome to A+ Apps and our first blog post ever! This is our first article so we decided that we wanted to share our story and the vision of A+ Apps.

It all started with an idea

We were driving past a high school one day and thinking, what does a school have that makes students engage with their school? Yes, they have sports and clubs that some students may be a part of, but what does the majority of the rest of the students have? About a year ago the idea became reality. Three young striving entrepreneurs decided to make a change in the education system.

The idea was to make a custom mobile application for each school that is student driven. So we began to build out the application. When we finally got to the point where the front and backend of the app was running successfully we then started to contact schools. The first school we contacted was the school where two of the founders graduated from.

Check out the app here:


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Our Vision

Our vision is to see every school with an A+ App, because we see the importance of engagement in the school system. There was a study done and over a 20 year period they found out that students who were more connected and engaged with their school had a greater likelihood of achieving a higher educational qualification. A student that is engaged and raised in a community that has a low economic status will have more opportunities in life compared to a student who isn’t engaged and is raised in a community that has a high economic status. It doesn’t matter about the social status of the student, what does matter is the involvement of the student at the school they attend.

Statistics from Gallup show how students get less engaged the older they get.

Students must be engaged!

Student engagement is a necessity because engagement precedes knowledge. When students have an activity that personally matters to them it brings passion into their life and that passion can be used in school as well. Schools have a lot of areas for engagement but many students still aren’t involved. Our app makes it easy for students to break out of their comfort zones and be involved.

How does our app engage students?

The way our app engages students, is that it is student driven which makes it all up to the students to put content into the app with the permission of moderator at that school. So if the school wants to have an amazing app representing their school it’s all up to the students. Everyone has to be involved to make up the app. Also all the school events and clubs will be on the calendar so there is no reason to not support your friends. It’s time that every student be engaged and support their fellow classmates.

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