How To Cure Dry Eye Syndrome?

Dry eye syndrome has become a common disease among people that is caused by several reasons. However, this can be cured by following certain preventive steps as well.

If you ever experience dry eye syndrome, then without delaying for a long period of time, take care of it by following certain effective prevention procedures. Check the undermentioned syndromes to find out whether you are experiencing dry eye or not

  • A burning, scratchy or stinging sensation in your eyes
  • Difficulty in driving at night
  • An uncomfortable feeling in your eyes
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Eye redness
  • Watery eyes
  • Blurred vision
  • Difficulty to wear contact lenses
  • Eye fatigue
  • Stringy mucus around or in the eyes

So if you ever experience any of the above mentioned signs, then you need to consult with an optometrist in Ringwood who can take care of the matter. However, apart from opting for medical help, you yourself have to take certain precautionary steps in order to cure this disease.

Avoid air-blowing inside your eyes
Don’t put the air of car heaters, hair dryers, fans or air conditioners directly toward your eyes.

Always wear protective eye wear or wrap around sunglasses 
In order to prevent dry air from entering directly in your eyes, it is always advisable to wear sunglasses or protective glasses.

Take frequent eye breaks during long hour tasks
If you are performing any task that requires long hour visualisation such as reading or sitting in front of the computer, then make sure to take frequent eye breaks. Just close the eyes for a few seconds or blink repeatedly. By doing this, your eyes can feel relaxed.

Beware of the external environment
External environment such as dry weather in desert areas, airplane surfaces, etc. can cause dry eye. Thus if you ever need to spend long hours in such places, then it is always recommended to close the eyes frequently for at least few hours in order to minimise the evaporation of your natural tears.

Place the computer screen below your eye level
In order to prevent your eyes from experiencing a wider view of the computer, it is suggested to place the monitor below your eye level. This may prevent your eyes from getting dry.

Quit smoking as well as avoid it
Smoking can worsen the dry eye syndromes. Thus, if you really want to protect your eyes as well as your overall health, then simply quit smoking. If you can’t, then opt for doctor’s help.

Thus all the above mentioned tips can be used to prevent and cure dry eye symptoms efficiently.

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