Getting into the spiritual realm of productivity yields real results — in fact it’s the only way to get lasting results.
What Most Productivity Advice Misses
Mike Sturm

This is a very powerful idea, Mike. This is something I’ve been trying to figure out for a long time with both myself and my clients. I’ve been working on discovering the keys to productivity my whole working life. And I notice that I’m always very productive when working on something I’m passionate about. I’ve been writing an ezine/blog weekly for 20 years and I have never have had resistance about it because I’m passionate about the ideas I write about.

But there are many areas that I tend to slog through. And I’ve discovered that these areas are often connected to various stuck beliefs. When I can see though those beliefs, I usually get unstuck and become more productive.

But you’ve opened a new pathway of inquiry about productivity, which is to look at the meaning of what you’re doing. And I think this is also connected to our essential values — that is — what is really important to me about this project?

In some things in my business, I have lost touch with that and I feel myself going through the motions. Thanks for giving me so much food for thought. Cheers, RM

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