Solana Declares its Very First Web3-Centered Smartphone- Crypto News

  • Solana, by its subsidiary Solana Cell, has welcomed its flagship Web3 telephone.
  • Whereas some say the product is a “Web3 iPhone,” others jibed the community for not specializing in its efficiency points.

Solana publicizes new product, the Saga cell phone

Solana Cell Stack is now accessible for developer use, whereas Saga telephone is obtainable on a pre-order foundation for $100. Deliveries will start in early 2023, with the anticipated shopping for value set at $1,000 (pre-order price shall be deducted).

Twitter group response

Following the announcement, the Twitter group shared its totally different reactions to the telephone. These optimistic, like Vinny Lingham, called Saga a Web3 “iPhone second,” thanking Yakovenko for its improvement. Equally, David Ticzon known as it the “Apple of Web3.”



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