Spyder Review: MAHESH and MURUGADOSS attempts an interesting thriller drama but misfires

After Brahmotsavam kind of disaster Mahesh Babu took the big risk with AR Murugadoss and named it as Spyder. Mahesh and Muruga wanted to release the film for last summer but it took lot time for the best output. The trailer and songs got not great ratings but the hype is still on for this drama thriller. Lets see how it went in theatres today.

Lead Cast: Mahesh Babu, SJ Surya, Rakul Preet Singh and others
Director: AR Murugadoss
Music Director: Harrish Jayaraj
Producers: N. V. Prasad and Tagore Madhu

This is a story of fight between Agent Siva of Intelligence bureau and Bhairava who is from his village wanted to kill people and know the enjoy in it. Siva knows about Bharava during the interval bang and he wants to catch him the entire second half.

Mahesh Babu just nailed in the character of SIVA the intelligence reporting officer. Mahesh managed the looks like a James Bond and the dialogues uttered by him are so positive. He gave his best right from the starting to the ending. Considerably Mahesh improved a lot in the humour quotient too, The comedy scenes too worked well for him.

Villain SJ Surya managed his best to give tough fight of action with Mahesh. Show casing his flash back the villain gives torture to the people of Hyderabad . His logics, diction, dialogues went like Jack Sparrow from Dark knight series. With out a single abuse the villanism was shown with great junctures.

Rakul Preet Singh looked hot in the songs and she is a innocent girl in the movie.

Bharath and Priyadarshi Pulikonda did best in their roles.

Second half women spying episode can be said bigger highlight for the film where second half starts with a racy screenpla . Movie went with interesting bangs in the second half which leads to a routine climax again.

The basic plot and story of the film is complete pale and it did not gave any interesting things to watch for. SJ Surya flashback episodes has a lot of basic Tamil nativity and it is so much annoying. Comedy point is missing the whole film where mass audience are interested on this a lot.

Murugadoss did not take any new script for the film and story is so routine. At times particularly in the first half we will be remembering 7th sense film here and there. Murugadoss could have taken special care about songs taking and editing. Hurried second half and dragging first half gives a bad feel in the end. Few logics are 
missing in the thriller drama.

Background score from Harris Jayaraj is good.

Screenplay too was supposed to be racy but in the first half it missed a lot.

Spyder movie is one of the best attempted thriller films that made in Telugu and Tamil. A superb screenplay from Murugudoss would have been different idea for the movie. Spyder will offer you some routine plot with lot of Tamil nativity. There are lot of drags the Racy elements in the second half took the movie surely interesting point but Murugadoss lost the grip at right time. Dussehra season will impact on the collections for sure and it is going to bring in a good margin for Mahesh Babu as he has some good major support in family audience. One need to see how this kind of thriller genre films reaches the Telugu mass audience. One time watch for normal audience and worth watch for Mahesh fans.