We are almost all the same

At some point I left many parts behind
Abandoned Livejournal angst and feverish Tumblr reposts
Went to work because that was what girls of a particular age did
Some girls I knew went on to church altars, tropical island chapels
Dazzling five-star ballrooms filled with strangers
These girls took on motherhood with post-childbirth lipstick/blusher smiles
Joined other girls who bypassed wedding bells for the delivery room
The older girls before us tell me I will want these things when it’s time
The biological clock is working, ticking towards what I was born to do
All I hear is the peaceful silence and conscious choices
To avoid being trapped in a snow white wedding gown
An asphyxiating corset after months of restriction to look beautiful for a day
A slave to younger versions of a flawed man and woman for the rest of my life
But let us be fair, I would eventually give commitment a chance
Stop jumping from whim to mismatched devotion
From alcohol-induced mistakes and sober promises
Believe my marriage has a 50 percent chance of success
And ignore the other 50 percent
Of infidelity case studies and broken church promises

A girl I once dreamt of had a wedding high up on a mountain
She stood in ragged robes of black lace and red lips
As she smiled her lips cracked and spilled crimson
Sad rivers streaking the mountain red and towards land
Cleansing off societal pressure, family cliques, status updates

Someday I might be open to the possibility
Of following in their tightly bound footsteps
Those days we will then be living in the same world
Of infant baths and toothless smiles
Of fighting for the best kindergardens and schools
But for now let me watch your foreign world from afar
I wish you well, wonder how you do it
Wonder when I will want it
When I will trust in the sanctity of love and family
When I can ever find it

We are almost all the same yet so different.

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