Seymour Hersh Owes The World An Explanation For His Seth Rich Comments
Caitlin Johnstone

“Maybe Hersh wants to remain silent because he fears for his personal safety if he reveals what he knows. Reducing the likelihood of nuclear war is more important than Sy Hersh’s personal safety.”

Nail on the head, Caitlin.

Fears of his personal safety are the issue here. Hersh sounded like he was pretty tight in his phone conversation. He didn’t disclose sources… so that’s not an issue. He’s smart enough to know he’d be cutting his throat if he named any sources.

At the same time, he knows what hapened to Seth Rich and what evidence pointing to any complicity between the DNC and Rich’s murder would mean (though he avoids that speculation in his rant). It would expose not only the Democrats for their pathetic efforts to deflect blame on their vile candidate’s election loss by blaming Russia, but it would also implicate the Republicans as they both voted for sanctions as retribution for the fake Russian hacking story.

The entire world would then see that the US Government is so unhinged as to risk WW3 with Russia to save the DNC’s ass and to reward the military industrial complex for their campaign contributions to lifer politicians who are like pigs at the perpetual feeding trough.

What this country desperately needs is a leaker to come forth and claim Assange’s 20K reward for information leading to the arrest of Rich’s murderer.