Together, The Left And Right Can Kill The Establishment Propaganda Machine
Caitlin Johnstone

Many “so called” journalists (such as the two on Counterpunch who hammered you) are caught up in the obvious democratic/republican “divide and conquer” paradigm and are too blind to see the wisdom in your position. They’re too filled with hate to see the value in uniting the left and right, who have more to gain from their common needs than to continue playing Empire’s game of looking at the left hand of Empire while the right is picking one’s pocket… and vice versa.

Democrats and Republicans are equaly guilty of supporting wars without end and creating countless enemies worldwide in their efforts to wage resource wars.

It’s only by uniting the left and right that we can beat the war machine and those who faithfully support it.

Our best policy is to pursue this unity and ignore those who preach hatred. We’ll crush the enemy by sheer numbers once we all unite.

No need for us to lecture those with opposing views on why we feel they’re wrong. Just present the best factual evidence we can find and respect their ability to discern the truth. When we lecture our adversaries we put them in a defensive position.