Integrity of the Putin speech,

Well the integrity of the Putin intention is in question to me! However, in regards to US he could be right on. For if it was not for Russia USA would devour Iran`s people! In the same token if it was not for Russia iran current system could not devour its people. It is mater of to be or not to be…

Russia must decide that when they want to be a wonderful neighbors for they have not been. In the time of Pahlavi as Russia was a communist country and USA was a fanatical to use Iran against communism.
 And now Iran is decorator and Russia is in the way of democracy.

Russia and Iran as neighbors would benefit greatly, sociologically, economically and strategically if Russia was a friend to people of Iran inside and outside of Iran, not supporting the system of Iran.

This is only way to be, for not to be is already set on its way by you Politian and religious fanatics.


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