Mister God this is Anna, was the book
Colour of freedom, lucy in the sky,
Grunen the untouchable said I feel like a manikin
In the middle of no where
Where are no crows or people
Soh who am I to scare or to please
But with salient ever that diamond on the sea
People woke up and asked, let us go and chip
For that shall make us the richest and wealthiest
But before time they went near while approaching
Many vanished by the sight as many froze
Yet few heard,
Hey Candor have you noticed Anna yet

On the lunar eclipse of December 20, 2010
Coincided with the lunar month of the birth… I found a book on the walk side titled “Mister God, This Is Anna”. I wanted to know this child relation with God. Was not clear that the story of ten years old child was real or fiction yet by touching that book and picking it up for that as already touched me. Before reading it I felt something, then thinking of Zuzu`s petals saying every time a bell rings an angel gets his wing! I knew she was the champ of children in that town and now she lives in Grunen…

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