Hymn Null – in praise of zero

The Origin in Cartesian systems. For Euclid the origin can be anywhere (reminiscent of the god-circle whose centre is everywhere). For Descartes it divides any given dimensionality. Yet actual division by zero is apocalyptic, annihilating the very concept of number from within, like a black hole situated in the middle of the infinite line of the real — or rather perhaps like a white hole at the centre of the universe (a ‘centre’ which is nowhere in particular, thus effectively everywhere (nowhere = now here), which is to say undefined — as is the result of a division by zero). The Cosmic Egg, but also Ouroboros: an infinity drawn starting anywhere.

Zero encapsulates all opposites. Any property 1 in conjunction with its converse -1 becomes 0. The source of all things must by definition have contained, even consisted of, the potentiality for all things — including all opposites. A void of infinite possibility, about which naught can be said as all definitions are exclusionary. No thing as segregated from any other thing, therefore nothing.

All-begetter, all-destroyer. An unblinking, all-seeing eye that takes in the totality as well as defecating the universe into existence. An eternally gaping orifice that both births and utterly consumes (eliminate: to expel, but also to eradicate). Ever-open like a portal which leads only to itself — which is to everything, and to obliteration.