You are not having a career anymore.

We live in a human economy where humans curate the technological outputs. With the proliferation of social media and expansion of the internet, people collaborate at a global level. The ways in which people work together these days, rely not only on the technologies but also on the human traits of creativity, passion, character, and collaborative spirit. “Global interconnectedness can be the servant of human aspirations for liberation” wrote Thomas Hylland Eriksen in his book The Human Economy: A Citizen’s Guide, touching on the implicit need of the human race to harness the power of internet technology. And in a world where Artificial Intelligence beats the world Go champion, it is all of our human qualities which would enable our species to survive and outshine our own technological inventions.

Considering that these days we all have the opportunity to share our knowledge and experiences with the rest of the world, each person’s acquired knowledge and skills-set are more valuable than ever before. It is each person’s personality characteristics, skills, experiences, knowledge and expertise that contributes and determines how our global society’s advances. Nevertheless, within this context, having a career may feel you’re following a pre-defined systematic path, one that’s already laid down in front of you, with specific steps you need to take in order to be successful. In addition, a career may feel limited to its potential and may be influenced by factors that are beyond your control. Namely, those influential factors may be your international or local competition, peer pressure or other legacy issues such as family history.

On the other hand, in an interdependent world, every individual has the opportunity to break free from any systematic approach to career development and design his/her own path of professional experiences. One could follow a unique path and “pick the battles”, which in turn will make him/her the best person they would ever be. Furthermore, one could follow a route that leads him/her to innovation and to breaking new ground every minute, every day, on any field of expertise he/she is involved with. It is by pursuing those opportunities and by making things happen that one would raise the bar for humanity on every occasion.

In this day and age, a professional is more than just a skills-set; we are more than a job description. In fact, it’s been argued that these days is normal for people to write their own job description and then adjust it or even change it completely, based on the task or project at hand. How else would we ever compete and excel within a dynamic, diverse and ever globalized world? As already discussed, it becomes increasingly obvious that our world needs people with more than just skills and degrees. Personality traits and professional qualities matter more than ever. It is by looking for the common denominator of your qualities that would then provide you with a benchmark and certain guidelines upon which you will design your very own professional path.

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