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Welcome to Apollo Hospital india. 
This is to inform the general public. Male or Female who are healthy 
and 100% sure in selling or buying kidney, Urgently contact Dr. Ceasar. 
As we have a lot of patients who are in need of kidney. Looking for a 
way to sale your Kidney due to financial collapse. We are offering 
$ 500,000 US dollars for your healthy kidneys. My 
name is Dr. Ceasar I’’m a Nephrologist in Surgrical Hospital in 
India. We are specialist in kidney surgery / transplantation and other 
organ treatment, we also purchase and transplantation of kidneys with 
a living and healthy donor deal. If you are interested in selling your 
kidney, please do not hesitate to contact us via Email: 
Contact number +917507487413 
Best Regards